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About the Author - Sid Fuchs
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About the Author

Sid Fuchs, Author of Get Off The Bench

Sid Fuchs

Author and Technology Industry Executive

Sid Fuchs grew up on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, the youngest of four children of an auto mechanic and homemaker, and worked his way through engineering school at Louisiana State University (LSU) to become a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Officer, Fortune 100 © corporate executive and four time CEO, two time political appointee, National Security authority, accomplished musician, published author, and devout family man all by the age of 50.  Along the way, he learned – and more important, put into practice, what you can’t learn in school or in a book – how to effectively read situations and people in order to manage outcomes, build strategic relationships that provide valuable connections and opportunities, and how to build and manage a personal brand that gets you noticed for the right reasons.

By 1987, Fuchs had graduated from LSU with BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and was ready to take on the world.  His first stop was as a young CIA officer where he lived and traveled throughout the world for several years supporting and leading missions of National importance.  Following his time in the CIA, where he was a highly decorated officer, he spent the last two decades in corporate America, working his way up the ladder from a sales manager at Digital Equipment Corporation to the CEO of a $1.4 billion dollar business unit of Northrop Grumman to his current position of President and CEO of MacAulay-Brown, Inc, a multi hundred million dollar corporation that provides advanced engineering and technology solutions in support of the Country’s global security efforts.  Fuchs has also held political appointments by the White House and Secretary of Defense to the National Defense University Board of Visitors and the Defense Science Board Task Force on Intelligence and continues to support special projects for the defense and intelligence community.  In 2012, Fuchs published his first book, “Get Off the Bench: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Networking Through Relationships”The book discusses tips, techniques, and rationale behind developing powerful relationships that lead to fulfillment and success.

Through effective and humorous storytelling, on sometimes “dry” subjects including leadership, business strategy and operations, building teams and organizations, professional and career development, networking and relationships,  Fuchs takes the approach of articulating those “a-ha” moments during his discussion in a way that helps the audience actually implement the strategies and concepts he describes.  His belief is that all too often, people in various stages of their life and career – fresh college graduates, those considering a career change or starting a new business, or professionals evaluating their progress against career goals – need real life perspectives and experience to help them not only understand the landscape, but what is possible and what should be avoided.  His focus is the optimization of everyone’s potential which leads to goal achievement.

Fuchs has been happily married for over 25 years and has three sons.  He is an avid Harley rider, guitarist and drummer, writer, mentor, and community philanthropist.  In his “spare” time he leads large, complex companies, breaks convention and conformity whenever he can, and sits on the Boards of several community, corporate, and educational institutions and is the Executive in Residence in LSU’s College of Engineering.  A recognized thought leader, he has published dozens of articles and given even more speeches throughout the world.  His decades-earned reputation is one of a creative but focused leader who gets things done while having fun, never stops learning, promotes and mentors his people, builds great teams, doesn’t accept excuses from himself and others, and never confuses activity with results.