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About the Book - Sid Fuchs
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About the Book

Get Off The Bench: Unleashing The Power Of Strategic Networking Through Relationships

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about networks and networking? It strikes me as a lot of effort and a lot of time away from the family. What’s in it for me? Convince me.”

I suggest another approach. Instead, you might ask yourself, “How many times have I missed an opportunity because I didn’t even know it existed? How many times have I not been asked to be part of something because I wasn’t known well enough? Why do I keep getting passed over for promotions?”

Given the global economy’s trajectory over the past few years (and the worrisome trends in unemployment, home foreclosures, and loan defaults), the strategic network’s power and resources have never been more critical in helping those in need. Navigating through these challenges is nearly impossible without a network.

—Sid Fuchs, Chapter 2

Sid Fuchs has written a smart, common sense guidebook for people in need of networking advice. These days, it’s not about whom you know; it’s about who knows you. This is where strategic (versus personal or social) networking becomes vital to success in business and in life.

By definition, a strategic network is a carefully planned web of cooperative social relationships. It does not spring up haphazardly. Strategic networking involves careful planning, a specific skill set, and above all, strength of character.  As Fuchs reiterates throughout Get Off The Bench:  “When you need a relationship, it’s too late to build it.” Don’t put off today what you will inevitably need tomorrow. Start building your network now.

The purpose of this book is first to help readers define their business goals and objectives. It then guides them through the steps necessary to create the network to support those goals.

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