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WashingtonExec: In 6 Years, MacB Catapults to High-End Engineering Solutions Firm

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For any organization looking to grow in an unpredictable market, the Dayton, Ohio-based company MacAulay-Brown, Inc. holds numerous lessons in navigating change, and coming out on top. In the six years since Sid Fuchs became president and CEO of the national security company that delivers engineering services, cybersecurity and product solutions to federal customers, change has been a constant, and so have growth and expansion. That’s no accident. “If you want to head down the path of transformation, you have to look at your options and assets with the end point in mind—your talent base, organic growth accounts, investment capital, capability sets, and a real and executable strategy with success criteria that will get you there,” Fuchs said. Click here to read the full story published May 2, 2017 by WashingtonExec.