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What I’ve Learned Part II, By Sid Fuchs: Your Employees Will Determine Your Outcome - Sid Fuchs
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What I’ve Learned Part II, By Sid Fuchs: Your Employees Will Determine Your Outcome

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Sid Fuchs

In the book Get Off The Bench: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Networking Through Relationships Sid Fuchs shares his top twenty pieces of advice, labeled What I’ve Learned.

Since Get Off The Bench was published earlier this year, Fuchs has added to his list.

What I’ve Learned, Part II

By Sid Fuchs

1. Those who bring people together can also divide them – True leaders are not afraid to stand by their convictions and do what is right. You can’t make everyone happy, nor should you try.

2. Don’t confuse kindness with weakness – If you do, chances are you will be very disappointed or surprised with the outcome.

3. You have to earn a seat at the table – forget about entitlement – This is primarily for the younger generation. No matter how smart you think you are, or how many degrees you have, nothing replaces experience, wisdom, maturity and having made a lifetime of contributions. Learn how to listen, pay respect, and accomplish before you treat those 20 years older than you like your peers.

4. Don’t confuse money with significance – It does not always take brains, integrity, or honor to achieve wealth. Sometimes it just takes being in the right place at the right time. You have to ask yourself “If I didn’t have money, would people still want to be my friend and colleague?”

5. Don’t confuse position with real power-real power comes with earning the respect of others. Leaders should inspire and not intimidate. Those who flex muscles when they have a position of power will quickly find out how fast it can be taken away.

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6. Your employees will determine your outcome – No one can have you fired or get you in trouble faster than your employees. You only have power

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and authority if they let you. Therefore, you must earn their respect as a leader.

7. There are only two reasons your employees work for you – As a boss, you can either “buy” your employees, paying them more than they are worth for doing less than required, or you can “push” and mentor your employees to do things they never thought they could and as a result, achieve greatness. Which type of boss are you?

8. Details matter – The higher you rise, the more you need to keep a foot in each camp – strategic and tactical. It’s impossible to run any organization unless you have a command of the important details and understand how they align with the strategic direction.

9. Inspiration comes in many forms and when you least expect it -Keep your antenna up and your mind open to ideas and people from all walks of life.

10. Don’t give up on the present to live in the past – Memories of the past are great, but never stop creating new memories. Make choices that give you more choices.

11. Would you rather own 100% of a gas station or 5% of Exxon Mobil? – Keep focused on the big picture and the ultimate objectives. Don’t cling to what can be given away for a greater return or trip over dollars to catch pennies.

12. Don’t be married to ideas, be married to results -Don’t be the type that needs to have your name next to an idea. Be the type that would prefer to have you and your team’s name next to a phenomenal result.

13. Stay low heat to light– This means that you must be a great employee that contributes (light) while creating little or no disruption (low heat).